Welcome to PIF EUROPE, our new company website created for make the distribution of regulation no.1223/2009 more effective and inform how important is to be up to standard with help from an expert, professional and reliable society. Year after year, our firm is growing due to an enlargement of the services offered: not only regulatory ones, but also new innovative services in order to grow our clients and to be more competitive on the market. Since 2013 we have become a point of reference for lots of firms of the following areas of the cosmetic industry: Regulatory Affairs, Lab management software, Laboratory Analysis and Tests, Design for labels and primary and secondary packaging.

March 2020: Corona Virus COVID-19 emergency

Since the first case of Coronavirus, our company has been active in Hand Hygiene gel production. Every day we certify tens of Hand Hygiene gel in accordance with the Regulation EC no. 1223/2009.

You can sell your gel in Europe in one week from the start of work. Our consultancy involves the adaptation of the label in accordance with the law.

If you urgently need certified hand hygiene gel, we can suggest you some cosmetic companies that produce gel and sell it in Europe and in the world.

For more info you can write to sales@pifeurope.com


Our company grows every year, thanks to the expansion of the services that we offer. Not just regulatory, but also new innovative services in order to help our customers to grow and to be more competitive on the market.

Brexit disclosure

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