Corporate identity

In today’s reality there are countless companies that offer their own lines of cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical devices, with the result that the market is increasingly saturated with them. This is why it becomes essential to create an identifying logo for each product that will enter the market.

When a company is created, or when a new line of products is launched, there is the need to create a “COMMUNICATIVE CODE” of identification necessary to make them recognizable. Creating a corporate trademark is a key step in generating an identity for your company and/or product.

Logo or Trademark?

This identifying sign can be a simple writing like, for example, a LOGO (abbreviation of logotype – from greek logos: “word” and typos:”letter”).

It is the case of Coca-Cola’s logo, the most known in the world, which made its appearance for the first time in 1886. If instead we talk about TRADEMARK, we refer to a set of symbolic-graphic and textual elements. Shoes’ brand NIKE, for example, is composed by a writing in block letters with a graphic sign that should recall the wing of the character of Greek mythology Nike, depicted as “Winged Victory”.

Starting with these assumptions, you can realize why marketing and communication experts study so thoroughly how to create a corporate brand in the right way. Creating trademarks and logos requires familiarity in the cosmetological sector and an in-depth knowledge of the competition.

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Let’s consider…

A fundamental visual element to keep in mind is that of colours, which are the first to convey certain sensations to us.

Colours used in Coca-Cola’s logo are red for the background and white for the writing. The two colours are the colors are in strong contrast to each other and recall vivacity, desire and energy. Features completely similar to the drink in question.

Even in the case of the logos for cosmetic, chemical or other products, colors play a key role. First of all, it is necessary to define our positioning in the market and the target audience. It is essential to ask oneself questions about the type of product that one intends to put on the market and to focus on the strengths that one intends to enhance, to which the final consumer will be attracted. Once you answered to all these questions, it will be easier to identify the right colours to match to your logo for the product you intend to sell.

Another important element is the font.

Again, in the case of Coca-Cola, a font with a manual and sinuous stroke is used. This choice keeps us connected to traditions by inspiring trust and familiarity.

Choosing the right character for a product’s logo is really important, the writing is the first contact with the consumer, from which they may be inspired to buy.

If you do not have clear ideas, our highly trained graphics department will guide you towards the right choices for your company or for your cosmetic, chemical or other product. 


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