CPNP notification is compulsory for every cosmetic product palced in the European market.

Correctly registering your company in ECAS and accurately notifying the CPNP requires some laborious steps in which great care is required when filling in the various forms. This because cosmetic products will be evaluated through the above-mentioned CPNP portal managed by the European Commission for safety aspects for human health.


According to Art. 13 EC 1223/2009 there are two different typologies of notification:

  • CPNP notification as a Responsible Person: when a cosmetic product is placed for the first time on European market. It is necessary to provide all the information for the product identification. 
  • CPNP notification as Supplier: when a cosmetic product is already on the market of an EU country. It is required a translation of the product label in the language of the country of destination. If the supplier wants to put a product on the market but at the same time, he wants to change brand or denomination, it will be considered as a Responsible Person.

The company’s registration and the following CPNP notification of the product is a fundamental phase. It provides to supervisory authorities the access to all information of a specific cosmetic product in order to judge its suitability for distribution. When a product is notified, it is required documentation among them the cosmetic’s formula that will remain secret and accessible by supervisory bodies only.

If you are cosmetics suppliers from non-EU countries, it is essential to notify the CPNP before the arrival of the goods at customs.


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