New trademark registration

More and more companies are asking us for help in registering their trademark.

Anyone who has a succesful business idea, is starting a company or a single business, or wants to preserve and protect the name of an innovative product, will soon or later think about registering a trademark.

The trademark is a distinctive sign, unique and inimitable, which allows to identify a company, a service or a product.

The advantages that registering a trademark can bring to your company or business are:

  • The uniqueness and non-reproducibility of the trademark itself by other companies or competing companies;
  • The opportunity to have your authority in the industry increased;
  • Gaining more consumer confidence;
  • Renting or reselling the brand (ex: Franchising).

The EU trademark

The EU trademark (MUE) is a trademark which is valid in all European Union countries (and extends automatically to new entries). Registering a European trademark is always worthwile, if your economic activity does not take place only in Italy but also abroad.

Ask us without obbligation for a quote for the registration of your trademark at the UIBM.

In a few days you too will have your trademark registered and protected by your competitors or by those who will have the same idea after you.

We of PIF Italia know very well how vast and complex the regulatory world is. And we know how to simplify it, we can make life easier to companies like yours which have to concentrate exclusively on their own Core Business.


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