ISS notification

Notification of dangerous preparations is necessary to safeguard and protect users who are exposed to chemicals that can have side effects on health. The archive of dangerous preparations is therefore essential for the prevention and protection of consumers, also allowing rapid intervention in the event of intoxication. In this archive, information such as the commercial name of the product, the classification, the physical state and the components with the relative percentage, necessary for the health authorities in case of emergency intervention will be transmitted.

There is an obligation to notify dangerous preparations to the Higher Institute of Health (ISS – Istituto Superiore di Sanità) for the following preparations:

  • Dangerous mixtures
  • Mixtures not dangerous but containing dangerous substances in percentage lower than the classification limits
  • Products authorized or registered as biocidal products
  • Detergents
  • Phytosanitary products

This obligation refers to manufacturers, importers or distributors of the substances listed above.

The responsible person is required to make the ISS notification within 30 days of placing on the market. If the notification is not made within the established terms, there is a penalty of several thousand euros.

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