In Italy, the marketing of a food supplement can only take place after regular notification of the product to the Ministry of Health, which is the competent authority to assess the correspondence of the formulation and claims to the current legislation.

In case of a positive result, the supplement subject to notification will be included in the Register of food supplements on the institutional website of the Ministry. In the field of food supplements, PIF Italia srl employs highly qualified personnel in the pharmaceutical chemical and food sciences, able to offer advice for: 

  • Preliminary examination of the text of the labels and verification of their compliance with current regulations
  • Notification procedure to the Ministry of Health
  • Request for Free Sale Certificates
  • Identification of claims that can be used
  • Collaboration for imports from European and non-European countries
  • Collaboration in the preparation of technical and administrative documents for export to Europe and non-EU countries
  • Design and implementation of packaging design
  • Regulatory update
  • Company courses on current regulations
  • Authorization procedure for production workshops
  • Preparation of brochures and leaflets
  • Collaboration in the phytovigilance process
  • Audit at national and foreign manufacturing companies
  • Drafting of the scientific technical rationale for food supplements containing ingredients deriving from plants (botanicals)
  • Predisposition of SOP
  • Consultancy for organic certification.


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