Cosmetic export for non-EU countries

“Made in Italy” cosmetics are always very appreciated by foreign countries, even by countries outside the European Union. More and more entrepreneurs in the cosmetic sector are approaching a more international type of market, turning to PIF ITALIA to be supported during the export phase and to organise the necessary documentation.

Regulatory advice

In order to ensure a quick and smooth export, we offer a regulatory advice regarding the export of cosmetic products to non-EU countries. In the last three years we have helped numerous companies in the export of comsetic products towards important HUBs such as People’s Republic of China, Russia, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan and many others. The service offered includes the collection of essential documents and the interface with the competent bodies for the preparation and issuance of Free Sales Certificates (FSC), essential to export any cosmetic product outside the European Union.                                  The competent bodies, after checking the documentation submitted by the applicant, issues the certificate (FSC) attesting to the CE marking of the products.


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