PIF ITALIA offers a customs clearance service for cosmetics. For many years now, we have been working with the most important air and sea customs in Italy in order to clear cosmetics custom quickly and efficiently. Thanks to PIF ITALIA’s many years of experience, we are experts in the customs clearance of cosmetics. Our task is to guide the client in this activity, enabling distributors to get their products onto the market correctly.


Cosmetics coming from non-EU countries? Cosmetics imported in Italy and not custom cleared yet? Problems with custom procedures like NSIS? Thanks to its many years of experience, PIF ITALIA guarantees the resolution of any event due to:

  • Traceability and immediate assistance.
  • Immediate and free assessment of customs release feasibility and immediate definition of time and costs.
  • Direct contact with forwarder, customs agency, Health Office and Ministry of Health to agree on the quickest release of goods.
  • Compliance check of the goods detained at customs.
  • Immediate notification (after conformity assessment) to the Ministry of Health and to Brusselles’s CPNP (COSMETIC PRODUCT NOTIFICATION PORTAL).
  • Labeling correction if not complied with European regulations.

The import of cosmetic must take place under the responsibility of an expert who meets the legal requirements, who must assess the manufacturing method used for the products. For a right and efficient import, the expert takes into account in advance:

  • the qualitative and quantitative formula of the product;
  • – the physico-chemical and microbiological specifications of raw materials and finished products, purity criteria and microbiological control criteria for cosmetic products;
  • – the method of manufacture in accordance with good manufacturing practice;
  • – The analytical investigation to verify compliance with the above points, in accordance with the specifications of the Ministry of Health and the ISS (Italian acronym for National Institute of Health) and the CPNP in Brussels.

At the time of each importation and for the purpose of clearing the product through customs, the importing company, through its delegate (transporter or other third party), must present to the customs authorities – Office of Maritime, Air and Border Health – a copy of the notification of first importation and the relevant receipt.

Our services’ costs are contained and affordable but especially a guarantee of a solution to your needs.


For further information please contact us at the office at +39 0422 410719 or write us an e-mail.