Consultants in the regulatory world: experienced and reliable

We sustain companies in difficult and ever-evolving cosmetic legislation field to comply with every single aspect.

In Italy and Europe, the production, import and commercialization of cosmetic products is allowed only for companies which respect regulatory and technical obligations.

This is about an activity that require a substantial professional background due to make sure that the cosmetic manufacturing firm’s documents comply with the requests that have been raised by European regulations and practices existing in the various agencies and ministers of each Community countries.

The professional figures’ know-how, which are designed to the drafting of the dossiers to obtain the authorization to place on the market or to cosmetics import, must be a very high standard and in harmony with the continuous development of this specific area. This must be both in a regulatory point of view and especially in a technical point of view in order to guide the cosmetic manufacturing company to the right compilation of the entire dossier.

Regulatory Affairs sector trains from the governing bodies’ dream to safeguard the public health by paying attention to the chemical industry and the effectiveness of the products. Cosmetics companies, in the other hand, relay on experts in Regulatory Affairs as PIF ITALIA because they want their products to follow current safety legislation.


Cosmetic consulting:

Start-up of a cosmetic production laboratory

Assessment of cosmetic products’ safety

Toxicological Profile of substances

P.I.F. elaboration

Check, review and compliance of the labels

Regulatory and Formulation consultancy

Product notification to CPNP, registration on the European portal

Cosmetic import and customs clearance of the goods

Non-EU cosmetics export and FSC issue


Food supplements consulting

Consultancy for food supplements


Chemical products consulting

CLP labeling

The UFI code  

Notification of dangerous preparation to ISS


Other services

Brexit consulting

Safety Data Sheet

New trademark registration