Toxicological data

We boast long-time experience in PIF drafting and elaboration. Day after day, we have been able to enrich our toxicological information database of Cosmetic Ingredients  (INCI). Our database contains thousands of toxicological information.  These are toxicological profile’s data of every single ingredient of the most common European cosmetic products. Our ability is to identify and to note them thanks to the increasingly demands of PIF elaboration from all over the world (Italy, Europe, Non-Eu countries among which China, India, Korea, USA, Brazil and Africa). More and more companies buy our cosmetics toxicological data. Our database is at the disposal of every client, but who has already bought some other services (among them our CHEMILAB SUITE cosmetic software) can bought it for a lower price.

European Commission guidelines

3.8.   Toxicological profile of the substances

“The aim of this section of the cosmetic product safety report is to describe the toxicological hazard of each of the substances in the finished product, determine the potential exposure, and draw up a risk characterisation. These aspects are of crucial importance in order to perform the risk assessment, as they are the three essential steps of the risk assessment process  (18) .

The endpoints to be considered, as well as the necessary data, depend on a number of factors, including the routes of exposure, the conditions of use of the product, the physico/chemical characteristics and the possible absorption of the substance. The choice of relevant endpoints should be the responsibility of the safety assessor, who should justify their decisions.”

This last sentence prove that every safety assessor must find toxicological data of every component and to report them to PIF. A PIF isn’t effective without this kind of information so the product could be withdrawn from the European market.

The Commission specifies the key endpoints to be recovered for each toxicological finding.


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