Start-up of a cosmetic production laboratory

The opening of a new cosmetic workshop is a project work that our business is able to complete without any problem. Our ten-year experience allows us to manage any type of situation.


  • Firms with a new warehouse and new installations
  • Firms with existing warehouses to be converted, in whole or in part, to cosmetics production
  • Firms that already carry out chemical production similar to cosmetics (e.g. pharmacies with a galenical laboratory)
  • Firms that already carry out chemical production but different from cosmetic (e.g. paint companies, semi-finished chemical products, etc.)
  • Farms that accompany flank agricultural production with cosmetic production (productors of olive oil, citrus fruits, snail slime, etc.)
  • And much more.


The European Regulation 1223/2009 for the cosmetic regularisation imposes guidelines to be followed during the production phase; these are the cosmetic GMPs, i.e. good manufacturing practices and the ISO (UNI EN ISO 22716). PIF ITALIA’s qualified personnel offers its expertise to help those companies who are having a first approach to the reality of cosmetics and those entities who already have a laboratory and want to check the compliance with the new regulation 1223/2009.                                                                                                                              Our resources will be able to give all the necessary consultancy both from a regulatory-documental point of view and from a practical-operational point of view. The aim of our work is to make the nascent cosmetic laboratory as independent as possible, which will be able to place their products on the international market in accordance with regulation.


For further information please contact us at the office at +39 0422 410719 or write us an e-mail.