Safety data sheet editing

PIF ITALIA has developed a software that will allow you to correctly process the Safety Data Sheets of your cosmetic products.

The Safety Data Sheet is a document that collects the report of the characteristics and all potential dangers of a cosmetic product. The document’s aim is to protect consumers by demonstrating the safety of the cosmetic.


In CHEMILAB MSDS it is possible to:

  • classify original model sentences for safety data sheet elaboration,
  • classify products’ categories,
  •  classify the area of use of products,
  • classify GHS dangers,
  • classify main GHS dangers’ categories,
  • classify GHS dangers’ class,
  • classify GHS dangers’ indication sentences,
  • classify GHS dangers’ caution sentences,
  • classify GHS dangers’ S-phrases,
  • classify GHS dangers’ indications,
  • fill out the safety data sheet according to law 830/2015 and later releases,
  • print labels to stamp on a bulk through LabelJoy)


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