Experts in the field

We of PIF Italia know well how vast and complex the comsetic regulation’s world is.  In fact, we organise targeted training courses to provide our customers with the most important regulatory knowledge in the cosmetics sector.

Cosmetic consulting

We offer qualified consulting services in the field of cosmetic products and in the stages of production, packaging, import, export, matrketing. Our cosmetic consulting ranges from single spot activities to the continuous assistance of the company that delegates to PIF ITALIA the management of the whole regulatory area, intended as the set of professional figures who move in the Regulatory Affairs area and are mainly involved in supervising the authorisation procedures for the marketing of cosmetic products.  The customers served by a company like PIF ITALIA include all types of companies operating in the cosmetics sector, such as:

  • real cosmetic production companies that produce for third parties;
  • real cosmetic production companies which produce exclusively own-brand products;
  • real cosmetic production companies which produce both for third parties and own-brand products;
  • new cosmetic companies that need help from business plan stage to the production and marketing of its products;
  • cosmetic importers from non-EU countries for which we are now able to clear and legalise the products in a very short time;
  • cosmetic exporters to non-EU countries, who want to break into new markets such as Dubai, Honk Kong, Brasil, Australia, Russia and China;
  • new brands, new trademarks and new businesses that rely on contractors for production and delegate all regulatory activities to us, PIF ITALIA.

New European Regulation no.1223/2009

The new Regulation 1223/2009 produces a series of implementations and clarifications; in particular: the appointment of the Responsible Person, the implementation of the cosmetic dossier, the Centralised Notification and the application of Good Manufacturing Practice according to ISO 22716:2008.

In summery, our services include:

  • The Responsible Person
    • Informative Documentation
    • Security report
    • Safety assessment
    • Cosmetovigilance management
  • Centralised electronic notification for the placing on the market – CPNP – Cosmetic Product Notification Portal
  • Cosmetic Dossier – PIF
  • Labeling
  • INCI Codes (International Nomenclature of Cosmetics Ingredients)
  • Import/export consultancy – product conformity check
  • Identification and management of nano materials (with separate notification)
  • Technical and commercial advice for advertising claims
  • PAO (Period After Opening)
  • Technical consultancy for goods stuck at customs
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) according to ISO 22716:2008.


The curse objective is the following points comprehension:

  • Understanding the meaning and the purposes of Regulation EC 1223/2009
  • Knowing of the key elements and the requirements of the Regulations
  • Evaluating of the cosmetic product according to the regulation
  • Knowing positions and responsibilities in the cosmetic products’ management 
  • Knowing the meaning of Good Manufacturing Practices and their relevance
  • Understanding the safety assessment, informational documentation and notification’s requirements
  • Understanding the requirements of formulation in experimentation, labelling and surveillance of the cosmetic product.


The CPNP training course aims to teach companies how to make a correct ECAS registration of their company and an accurate notification to the CPNP (European Cosmetics Portal) of their products. At the end of the training you will proceed with the actual notification of a cosmetic product of your choice.


For further information please contact us at the office at +39 0422 410719 or write us an e-mail.